10 ways to improve your writing today

A list for copywriters, UX writers, and anyone else who writes for the web or a business

Photo by Tom Rogerson on Unsplash

Define your audience before writing anything

Front-load the important information

If your audience only read the first line or two, would they know what’s most important?

Delete your first paragraph

Get rid of it and see if everything still makes sense starting with your second paragraph—or as with this piece, no intro paragraph at all.

Aim for clarity first, then add in personality

It’s much easier to build in personality than to add in technical corrections to a delightful bit of writing.

Favor strong verbs over any other words

Not sure how to do that? Read this blog post, Easy tips to stop the nounification of your verbs.

Speak to your audience using their words

If your audience calls something a book but you’re calling it a reading device, you might not reach the people you’re hoping to, because you’re not speaking their language.

Choose first- and second-person pronouns to build a relationship

Third-person pronouns like “he,” “she,” and “they” can distance you from your audience, especially if you want them to take action.

Use contractions but avoid ones that are too informal

Wield the power of white space

Get comfortable with the revision process

Slow down and remember: you’re not just aiming to fill a page with words—you’re aiming to give your reader exactly the right words.

Originally published at http://andreadrugay.com on August 21, 2020.

Writer, editor, artist ✨ Group Manager, Copy @ Slack 💛 Still in SF 💖 Words and sometimes not-words 🖤

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