• Kristen Ford

    Kristen Ford

  • Bomin Kim

    Bomin Kim

    User Interface Designer

  • Simone(Szeman) L.

    Simone(Szeman) L.

    Cantonese with interdisciplinary and transnational background living in Canada, big fan of South East Asia and Big Data. Live for big city.

  • Polina Firsova

    Polina Firsova

    Копирайтер в компании iSpring https://www.facebook.com/polya.firsova

  • Stuart Balcombe

    Stuart Balcombe

    I help people build successful products by getting closer to their customers. Always learning.

  • Josh Young

    Josh Young

  • Kat Bak (they/them)

    Kat Bak (they/them)

    Designer, illustrator, writer. Non-binary, queer. Co-founder @tgdintech

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